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Times & Transcript: Group encourages Canadians to get involved in democracy

Sept. 27th, 2010 - Lewis draws a parallel between the prorogation issue and the lack of political involvement being noticed nationwide, opining, "I think prorogation was a real wake-up call. There is something wrong with the state of democracy in our country when the prime minister thinks there is no political risk in shutting down Parliament to evade democratic accountability. That for me was when the message sunk home. There are consequences of a disengaged citizenry." 

The organization Mr. Lewis represents thinks it is effecting change. "I fundamentally believe in the engagement work CAPP chapters are doing across the country. We're here to safeguard Canadian democracy, to provide forums for the exchange of ideas and dialogue, and to actively engage citizens in the democratic process. This isn't about electoral politics, it's about strengthening democracy." 

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