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The New Democracy - Part 2: CAPP Campaign Review

Canadians Advocating for Political Participation (CAPP) launched a new video campaign this month aimed at politicians and voters alike. It calls for MPs to conduct themselves with more civility during Parliamentary question period. This 45-minute daily window when the media get to “seek information from the Government and call it to account for its actions” (Canadian House of Commons Compendium) is also widely accepted to be “Canada’s great spectacle.” MP Mike Chong has tabled motion 517 to reform question period this December, hoping to curb the mud-slinging and grand-standing that go on.

But CAPP Toronto’s representative Katie Skinner is particularly concerned with the impact on Canadian viewers. CAPP’s nation-wide mandate is to educate and engage Canadians in the political process, and Skinner fears the “nasty” and aggressive sound bites question period generates turn Canadian news-watchers off politics all-together.

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