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Winnipeg Free Press: MPs illness prompts rare moment of civility in Commons

Sept. 20th, 2010 - According to pollsters, a great many Canadians believe this country's federal political discourse also could use a collective angioplasty — opening up blocked communications channels, draining the bile and pumping in a little more oxygen. Hand-wringing over the lack of decorum in the daily question period is again in the news. "Canadians are not happy with the behaviour in question period and in the last election, more than four out ten Canadians refused to vote," Conservative backbencher Michael Chong said Monday outside the Commons.

The Brunswickan: Where have all the student voters gone?

Sept. 22, 2010 - We live in a liberal democracy, yet a huge number of students don’t vote.

Student voter-turnout is consistently lower than older generations, yet in Canada, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are the largest voting demographic yielding the most potential voting power. Why then, are so many of us so disconnected from the process?

Click here for full article .

Organizing for Democracy in Moncton, NB

I touched down in Moncton seven days ago. It felt like jumping out of a moving airplane with a parachute, some basic supplies, and a flashlight - and nothing else. A women sitting next to me on the flight from Toronto asked me what I was doing in New Brunswick. I told her I was hitting the ground to support and resource local CAPP organizers who were educating and engaging citizens in the lead-up to the provincial election on Monday, Sept.27th.

CAPP Toronto Stand Up For Democracy - VOTE!

Over the next few weeks, CAPP Toronto will be working to educate & engage citizens to VOTE in the up-coming municipal election on October 25th.

Join CAPP Toronto at the Stand Up For Democracy Kick-Off Planning Meeting this Sunday September 19th, 3 p.m.

CAPP Moncton Takes to the Streets

New Brunswick, why VOTE Sept 27th?

Two young New Brunswickers are attempting to increase the number of young people who vote in the upcoming New Brunswick General Election. Brian Gallant of Shediac Bridge and Dan Gillis of Moncton have produced and launched this video that was inspired by one that was produced by Hollywood's A-listers during the last Presidential Elections.

National Week of Solidarity for an Inquiry into the G20 Summit

Facebook Event Page Fac

Antonia Zerbisias: The Media's Role in Keeping the Populace Informed

Antonia Zerbisias has been telling people what she thinks ever since she could open her mouth. Her opinionating career dates back to Grade 9 when a cartoon commentary on a teacher resulted in her suspension from high school. The principal sent her home with a note calling her "rude, obstreperous and bold." Her parents were neither amused, nor surprised.

Once she was punished for being that way. Now she makes it pay.

Democracy Cafe: Videos and Podcasts

The Toronto Chapter hosts a series of Democracy Cafes. Most of these talks have been videotaped, and are now posted on the Democracy Cafe pages. We have also posted audio podcasts of the talks. If you missed the talks this is your chance to view or listen to them.

Frank Cunningham: Prorogation and Canadian Parliamentarianism

Professor Cunningham’s main teaching is in the area of contemporary political philosophy with a focus on democratic theory. He has also taught environmental ethics and engineering philosophy.

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