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An Intention to Torture?

Canada wanted Afghan prisoners tortured: lawyer Did Canadian Officials intend some Afghan detainees to be tortured in order to gather intelligence? Why did Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down Parliament on December 30th? Will the Harper Government release the uncensored Afghan detainee documents to Parliament, or will they continue to subvert the will of our Parliamentary Democracy?

Chris White and Justin Arjoon on Power and Politics

I was a little nervous, as is probably apparent. I'm pretty stoked that Chris is going to hand the group over to us! :) Check out the video here.

CAPP on You Tube

Check out the Not So Secret Democracy Mission video on You Tube:

Post a response video, or a response to a response video!

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General Meeting (Toronto)

Our next meeting will be in April! Thanks everyone

Not So Secret Democracy Mission

To check out the CAPP Not So Secret Democracy Missions, go to: and get involved. Democracy, use it or lose it!

CAPP Press Conference - March 2 @ Noon

CAPP will be holding its first ever press conference to announce the launch of the organization on Tuesday, March 2 at noon. The press conference will be held in the Charles Lynch Press Room located in the Centre Block of the Parliament buildings. Anyone interested in attending is more than welcome.

For more information, please contact Public Relations Coordinator Justin Arjoon by emailing [email protected].

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